These PPE Promotional Products allow your business to be creative when presenting your brand, message, or image during times of social distancing. Due to COVID-19, many events were canceled, postponed, or now require social distancing. After being closed for months, businesses have begun to re-open, but with a whole new set of restrictions. The Coronavirus Pandemic dramatically changed the world we live in. However, these inexpensive products allow you to share important information and help you to meet the new social distancing requirements. From chair bands that easily create buffer-zones when it’s not possible to remove furniture to workout bands that make working out at home a breeze – we have the PPE products that help you create a lasting impression. Check out these ideas for a little inspiration!

Want to see more specific information about these products, including many more ideas? The PPE Catalog is now available. Fill out this form to instantly download your free copy!

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