Reusable Packaging for Takeout Containers helps you keep your brand in front of the consumer. While your customers will, more than likely, discard bags and containers, they’re much more likely to save these Reusable Ad Bands®.

Customize your to-go orders with a unique array of Ad Bands® Reusable Packaging for Takeout Container Bands. These packaging bands are easy to use in multiple areas of any restaurant, kitchen, or delivery service. The bands are FDA approved for food contact and are freezer and microwave safe. The rubber bands, that help preserve freshness, can be used to secure takeout food, utensils and multiple takeout boxes and drinks together. By customizing the bands, with your name, logo or product information, the customer will continue to interact with your brand at home. The rubber bands are reusable and easy to use when organizing small kitchen spaces and labeling products that need to be clearly identified.

Restaurants are seeing more takeout orders than ever before. You might be surprised to read these food delivery stats, and you should know that this trend will only continue to grow. Leave a lasting impression, encourage reorders, and ensure that every delivery arrives looking its best with our Reusable Packaging for Takeout Containers. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to accommodate just about any sized container. From pizza boxes to sushi containers and more! You can even imprint your business hours, current specials, contact information, and coupons directly on the band.

Use These Bands To:

  • Hold everything together
  • Ensure the safe arrival of take-out food
  • Package containers of food, condiments, and utensils together
  • Increase recognition of your brand
  • Promote reorders by imprinting your website or telephone number
  • Bundle multiple takeout boxes
  • Organize kitchen spaces with a reusable and sustainable solution
  • Label products that need to be clearly identified
  • Secure menus to menu boards for a more polished presentation

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